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Unveil the secret to transformative nighttime skincare with Beautiful Energy (B.E) PM Intensive Focused Repair Lotion from Cynosure. This high-performance, intensive repair lotion is meticulously crafted to provide targeted care during the crucial overnight hours. Infused with potent ingredients and advanced skincare technology, the B.E PM Intensive Focused Repair Lotion addresses fine lines, promotes skin elasticity, and supports deep revitalization. Experience the luxury of an elevated nightly ritual as Beautiful Energy redefines skincare, revealing a more resilient and rejuvenated complexion with each application. Elevate your evening routine and wake up to the radiance of renewed skin with B.E PM Intensive Focused Repair Lotion.

B.E Intensive Focused Repair Lotion

  • The item is not currently available for shipping and has to be picked up in-person at Rejoo Clinic. Thank you for your understanding. 

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